Just like any other product, air conditioners come in a variety of brands and sizes. Knowing what size your home needs is not always easy. For residential homes, the most common size is a two ton unit. This does not mean that the air conditioning unit weighs two tons, it means that the unit has an hourly cooling capacity of 24,000 btu’s. This means that it can cool 24,000 pounds of water by one degree in one hour. We also see one ton units, with a capacity for 12,000 btu’s and three ton units with a cooling capacity of 36,000 btu’s.                                                                   bw ac sizing blog

Air conditioner size is estimated after taking into account many factors. A home comfort specialist will come in and go over things like the layout, the number of windows and their positioning, the age of the home, the current duct work system and how airtight the home is. They will also take into account the pattern or exposure to sunlight, and the amount of sunlight protection provided by the trees in your yard.

As you can see, this is not an easy or a straight forward process. It takes a lot of work to make sure that the right size unit is installed into each home based on its very specific needs. I would recommend getting the advice of a trusted home comfort specialist when deciding to replace, or put a brand new system in place. Their expertise and knowledge will ensure the proper system is installed.

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