Why Is My Heat Pump Fan Not Spinning? 5 Issues & Tips
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Why Is My Heat Pump Fan Not Spinning? 5 Issues and Ways to Respond

Why Is My Heat Pump Fan Not Spinning? 5 Issues and Ways to Respond

A heat pump is a great way to warm your home. They are often more cost-effective and better for the environment because they are electric. However, when they break, they can put a pause on your comfort and wreak havoc on your HVAC system.

If you are encountering a heat pump fan that is not spinning anymore, we have created an outline of recommendations to help you resolve the issue. Below is a list of five reasons your system may be malfunctioning. All issues are fixable.

Top Reasons Your Heat Pump Fan is Not Running

Did you turn on your heat pump only to realize that your home isn’t as warm as it should be? It happens. Here are the top five reasons why your heat pump fan isn’t working properly:

1. Objects or Materials Are Blocking the Fan

Perhaps the easiest issue to fix, sometimes you are not feeling heat simply because something is blocking the fan, which obstructs the airflow you are accustomed to feeling when you turn on the heat pump. Anything can clog a fan: leaves, dirt, or other debris.

If you suspect something is blocking your heat pump fan, turn it off and dislodge any debris. To be safe, use a stick and not your hand to clear it out. Contact an experienced HVAC technician if you have any questions or concerns.

2. Malfunctioning Motor

If your heat pump is old or hasn’t been replaced in a while, it is more likely to malfunction. The engine powers it, and if your engine gives out, then your fan won’t work. A fan can also stop working even if your motor is still turning on. A slowed fan just means your motor is on its last legs.

3. Dead Capacitor

If your fan will not spin at all, this is a sign that the capacitor or motor is dead. To be 100% sure your motor is broken, you may need to contact a skilled HVAC professional. Dealing with motors and wires on your own could raise the risk of electrocution and shock.

4. Thermostat Issues

Other times, a heat pump fan that isn’t spinning, even though it’s cold out, could have nothing to do with the system or the fan. The culprit could be your thermostat. If your thermostat isn’t working, it will not send the appropriate signals to tell the heat pump to turn on. Check if your thermostat needs batteries or needs to be replaced.

5. Electrical Supply Problems

A potential cause of a heat pump not running despite you turning the heater on is an electrical supply problem. It could very well be that your pump isn’t receiving any power. This is most likely to happen in cold weather when heat pump usage is higher. High usage rates could overwhelm your unit and cause your circuit breaker to trip.

Why Is My Heat Pump Fan Not Spinning? 5 Issues and Ways to Respond

Ways to Avoid Issues With Your Heat Pump Fan

There are a couple of things to do to help ensure your heat pump is operating to the best of its ability:

  • Schedule regular HVAC maintenance with a knowledgeable heat pump technician
  • Ensure there is no debris around your unit
    • This is especially important to check after a big storm or windy weather.
  • Make sure your thermostat has batteries, or that it is a newer model
  • Clean or replace the air filter regularly

When Should the Fan Operate on My Heat Pump

Heat pump fans typically operate when you turn on the heating setting. They then push the hot air into your home. Sometimes, the fan is used to defrost your heat pump, which typically happens when in colder weather.


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